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An breath-taking world, full of action, friendship and deadly enemies!  Oh, and let’s not forget the adorable ‘orgo’.


The “Orgo Runners” and “dissent” books are both set in a future ice age.  Only three groups of humans are known to exist.  There are those that live in Scorr Tanta, the first city, whilst others live in a gloomy place called Eklips. Lastly, there is the newer harbour town of Port Harmony.  However, when food runs short in Port Harmony, the people there form a ‘UNION’ with Scorr Tanta.  And that is where the problems really begin…

So, what are you waiting for?  “Dive into a world you won’t want to wake up from.”

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“Thrilling, enthralling and immersive.”

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“An awesome story full of action and friendship!”



My name is R. J. Furness, and I’ve been passionate about great stories since I was able to read. At an early age, I would frequently create new characters, worlds and creatures, then write crazy tales all about them. However, until now, I have always kept those ideas completely secret. After having a lifelong interest in animals, music and anything spawned from pure imagination, my first love is now my wife and our children. Over time, I’ve also developed an overwhelming desire for mugs of tea and good biscuits to dunk. I’m proud to say that I live in Southport, England, with my family, a dog and several fish, chickens and quails.

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