Welcome To My World

Hello and welcome to my Blog…

I have started this at the same time as I am writing my first ‘novel’.  Currently, the story I am writing is planned to be the first of three novels, whilst I also have some shorter ‘spin-off’ stories planned too.

As a (coughs) forty-three year old father of three, and fiancé to an incredible lady, I finally decided to push myself, and write the stories that I have always wanted to.  Creating new worlds, people and the like has always been something I have kept locked away for some reason.

But not any more…

My hope is that people will join me here to have discussions, contribute ideas or give feedback, and not just on my work, but on as much as we can think of together.  Along the way, I will share ideas from my story too; I have lots of new people (characters), worlds and creatures to introduce you to.

Whilst my current stories are based in the future, and have a hint of fantasy too perhaps, I think they should appeal to many…not just those who like fantasy fiction.

To read any of my posts by date, just click the ‘BLOG’ link, and explore for yourselves.  Alternatively, you can click the ‘DISCUSSIONS’ links, to join in with conversations on different subjects.

I look forward to having many chats with people along the way, so please feel free to join in, in any way you wish.

Best Wishes

R.J. Furness