Surviving The New Ice Age

I went through a lot of work to get from my Initial Thoughts On My Story Concept, to finally forming My One Sentence Summary.

Here, I am hoping to summarise that process. Bearing in mind, that every stage took a lot of thinking through. Some ideas came easier than others, and some I even stumbled across. But on the whole, I did a fair amount of contemplation and tinkering-every step of the way!

Lets start with people…

I wanted to start at a point further into the future. A point centuries after this ice age had occurred, causing near extinction of the human species. The event that triggered this Ice Age, I decided could be referred to as The Great Freeze. As such, over the generations following this catastrophe, stories would be passed down, and the world we currently know would become the stuff of legends. Our time, and our current existence, would be talked about, through tales told to children, and some people may choose to believe it, whilst others perhaps wouldn’t.

For the centuries between The Great Freeze and new civilisations of humans evolving, I envisaged people existing, more or less, by themselves, or in tiny groups. Our world would become something of a ‘survival of the fittest’ place to live. But eventually, a new civilisation would emerge, and so I pondered whether this was the starting point of my story. However, after much consideration, I decided that this wasn’t the story I wanted to tell. So I considered giving this new colony time to grow, and importantly, time to become challenged.

Things were taking shape now; people have come back together, but within that structure, cracks also form. Perhaps these divisions may lead to the development of another colony. That would give me two communities of humans, living in the new ice age, with distinct differences. But this separation would have come about for a reason. What could that be?


Remember how I considered the role of evolution amongst all this? One of the concepts I played around with, was whether humans themselves may evolve, so that two similar (but not the same) human species may co-exist in this frozen future. In my opinion, if this new species were involved in struggles to survive, and also the foundations of new civilisations, then they could also be at the centre of much conflict. Don’t forget, our people have had to survive for centuries on the basis of natural selection, or like I said, survival of the fittest. How much of a dilemma might it cause, when we are required to share limited resources with our closest relatives?

This new species of human, living alongside existing humans as we know them today, would surely cause a variety of opinions, and ultimately conflict? Without wanting to give too much away, I will leave that (possibly) cryptic notion with you. But to offer some clarity to one thing…

I decided that the story will commence, roughly two hundred years after the foundation of the first human colony.

As the pieces fell into place over the creation of my new ‘future’ world, my thoughts split in various ways. The first thing I contemplated at this stage, was developing the characters, and their back-stories. Who were the people that I was going to focus on in this story? Additionally, I was considering the rest of this world, and to be specific; animals. I wondered which animals that currently exist, could possibly still exist in this ice age of mine. Likewise, I also gave much thought to the birth of new life, and new species, that would also live alongside my characters.

And that is where this came from…

It is only a rough sketch of mine, and please forgive the artwork; I don’t claim to be an illustrator (AT ALL). But, this is an ‘orgo’…an animal (mammal), that has evolved over the centuries following The Great Freeze. Going forward, orgo will very much be a big part of the story I have to tell.

And on that note, I will simply say, that there will more on that another day.

Please feel free to post any comments you may have. I would love to hear from you…

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2 thoughts on “Surviving The New Ice Age

  1. Will be interesting to discover who your character’s “ancestors” will be. Also, curious which animal type Orgo gets his mutated genes from, and what other interesting animals may have survived. Nice ideas you have going there.

    Liked by 1 person

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