End Of School Year

As a parent of children with autism and ADHD, I have to say that I find the end of the school year somewhat daunting!


Well, because this time of year raises lots of issues, that on the whole my kids don’t cope with. These mostly revolve around one single concept…CHANGE!

A new teacher for next year is a very real problem. Likewise, just changing classroom or curriculum can be hard. Even taking 6 weeks off, and changing day to day routines, is commonly stressful for my little ones. Then, the anxiety from all this stuff (and much, much more) will come home. In fact, the behaviours associated with my kids feeling these pressures, is almost always heightened once they’re home. Its their emotionally safe place!

So, where other families may look forward to the summer break, for ours it can often be tough. This can paint a confusing picture for many, with a lack of understanding over how all these ‘foreseen’ changes can cause such problems. Especially as these things are usually of little consequence to a lot of people.

Don’t get me wrong…I love having my children at home for the holidays. But it takes careful, minute by minute guidance, to ensure they love it too.

Let me know how the summer is for you and your family. I would love to hear from you, whether you face similar challenges or not.

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