My Story, Orgo & Other Animals

When developing my story’s ‘world’, I focussed a lot on the animals that lived there. I have to admit, I enjoyed this process, because to a point I was creating this world, and therefore, could have whatever I wanted living there.
To begin, keeping in mind that this was a new ice age, I gave consideration to current species that may live on. So, this made me consider creatures that may now live in colder climates. First up…narwhals. Why? They’re cool…that’s why! Google them if you don’t believe me. But that was pretty much my reasoning for putting them in!

Next, I wanted a bird (for whatever reason). With this in mind, I did some thinking about how some species have today thrived, living off the back of humans. I can think of certain gulls (other birds and mammals too), that have adapted well to our way of life. Owing to this, they have been very successful, especially where increasing their populations is concerned. However, I didn’t want a gull, but I did want a seabird of sorts. My favourite…puffins. So, that was that, puffins were in. But not any old puffins; newly evolved, opportunistic puffins, that are doing very well for themselves.

On a final note for today, I will give you another little snippet on orgo. These animals are of my own creation. A new species, that look roughly like my (awful) sketch. They live on land, but may not have evolved from land mammals. In my new ‘future’ ice age, you could perhaps think of them as like horses. People ride around on them, race on them, and have domesticated them for various reasons. Overall, orgo are in many ways worshipped by many of the human species and colonies in my story. Why? They’re also cool…that’s why!

But you can’t Google that one…

As usual, would love to hear any comments you may have. Speak soon!

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