Finding The Right Title

Whilst writing my first book, there have been a fair few challenges along the way.  Yet one of the biggest, seems to be finding the ‘right’ title.  This issue hasn’t stopped me carrying on, but nonetheless, it seems to eat away at the back of my mind.

Let’s be fair, this title thing…its rather a big deal!

At the moment, my title seems mostly elusive.  Some writers appear to draw from an element of their story, that may just jump out at them; such as a main character, or an important event that dominates the plot.  In these cases, this does the job brilliantly.  However, other writers may not do this, because that isn’t the best fit for their particular story.  There may be several (equally important) key characters, or various sub-plots etc., and many reasons like these, create the need to adopt a different approach.  Stories like these, tend to need more figurative, or encapsulating titles, and this seems to be where my story slots.

This is where I’m having a problem!  Discovering the best title, that captures my story.

I would welcome any suggestions anyone has, or any ideas/methods you have utilised to guide you through this process.  Perhaps simple inspiration would go a long way too.  Therefore, please feel free to comment away.

Thank you once again for reading, and best wishes.

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