Morrigan – Cover Reveal

As you know, the first book in the ‘dissent’ series (RENEGADES) is released on Kindle on the 1st November.  In addition, there will be a paperback edition, which is just having final adjustments before it is published.  But here’s the thing…

On the paperback’s back cover, there is a small coming soon element, featuring the cover of the next book I will release.  Therefore, I realised that it’s a good time to tell you a little about it, and (drumroll) show you the cover!

This next book is called ‘Morrigan’, and it is a shorter story about one of the characters from the first book.  However, this is not the sequel to RENEGADES, it is a spin-off of sorts.  In fact, I have referred to it as ‘a dissent story’.  I am hoping to release ‘Morrigan’ by the end of this year.

Now for the exciting part – The Cover!

Beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Amy Leslie, I think this cover perfectly captures Morrigan.  I am super-pleased with it, and really hope you love it too.  Amy is an excellent artist, and I haved loved working with her on the artwork for Morrigan.  You can find more of her work on Facebook right here.

Without further delay, check this out…

Morrigan Final Cover 2

Don’t forget, the first ‘dissent’ book is available for pre-order NOW, and you can order it here…

UK:  Buy “dissent RENEGADES”

USA:  Buy “dissent RENEGADES”

That’s all for now.  Let me know what you think of the cover for Morrigan…

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