Happy New Year – “dissent” Book Plans

Hi All,

Firstly, I want to wish you all a very ‘Happy New Year’. I hope 2018 brings you everything you want it to.

Where the “dissent” books are concerned, the new year will also bring new beginnings. I have decided to start with the book series I am calling “Orgo-Runners”. These books will be written with younger readers in mind (around age 6-10). As such, each of the stories will be much shorter than the main “dissent” saga instalments. However, “Orgo-Runners” is still set in the “dissent” world, and whilst there will be new ‘main’ characters, some familiar ones will also appear from time to time. Due to the adventure within each of these books, I am certain that they will appeal to many children. My aim is to release two “Orgo-Runners” books by Easter!

orgo runners coming soon banner

After that, it will be back to the main “dissent” books and the sequel to “RENEGADES”. As you probably know, book two in the series will be called “VENGEANCE”. You can see the cover for this below, which is beautifully illustrated by Amy Leslie! I plan to publish “VENGEANCE” around July.


Then, to wrap up 2018, I am going to publish a new “dissent” short. This time, it will be Cedric’s story. A fair few people have asked for more about Cedric, and his story fits perfectly between books two and three. You will see why once we get there.

So, that’s it…

That’s the “dissent” plan for 2018! Hope you are as excited about it as I am. Who knows, more may crop up as we go. We will just have to see.

Eyes on me…

Much Love,



If you want to buy any of the available “dissent” books, just click here…

dissent UK

dissent USA

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