Orgo Runners Book 3 (Seacrawler) Publication Day


Today marks the release of the third ‘Orgo Runners’ book!

This latest instalment, in the adventures of the Orgo Runners, is called Seacrawler…

Orgo Runners Seacrawler

So, what’s this one all about?

When an enormous seacrawler gets stranded in Port Harmony’s harbour, Fayth and her friends want to save it! Refusing to go to work, until the seacrawler is safe, Fayth manages to get herself into a heap of trouble with the wardens.

Is Fayth pushing her luck too far this time?

Is time running out for the ‘Orgo Runners’?

Will they be punished for refusing to take food to Scorr Tanta on time?

If you would like to buy ‘Orgo Runners: Seacrawler’, then find the links below…

U.K. Seacrawler

U.S.A. Seacrawler


Perhaps you would like a preview, before you make the decision to buy?  In that case, just click here…

Orgo Runners: Seacrawler PREVIEW

I really hope you enjoy the latest ‘Orgo Runners’ adventure.  Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Much Love,


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