Orgo Runners Book 4 – ‘Legend Of The Orgo’

That’s right!  It’s here!  The fourth book in the ‘Orgo Runners’ series is OUT NOW!


Find the answers you’ve been looking for…

When Ink’s orgo becomes ill, he asks Cedric to help her get better. But, during their visit to Cedric’s barn, Ink and Megg get more than they bargained for. Through Cedric’s stories, Ink and Megg learn about how the orgo evolved, and it isn’t what either of them expected! Join the Orgo Runners, as they find out all about Tobus, Calli and the Legend Of The Orgo.

Where did the orgo come from?

How did they evolve?

What is the reason for their extremely long necks?

Why did they get so fast?

Expect the unexpected in this latest ‘Orgo Runners’ story!


What Readers Are Saying About ‘Orgo Runners’…

“The Orgo Runners are so cool!” Cammi, age 8.

“It’s different every time. Very exciting and I can’t wait for the next book. R.J. writes like a boss!” Will, age 8.

“I love Orgo Runners because it’s very inspiring and fun to listen to. I love the adventure and characters.” Jake, age 6.

“Orgo Runners has an easy text to read and was full of adventure. Right from the start, I felt really engaged in the story and I always can’t wait to read the next book. Highly recommend and absolutely love this series.” Jasmine, age 13.

“I love the Orgo Runners! It’s easy to read and I like the characters.” Megan Cross, age 7.


Look at that!  How beautiful do they look when they’re lined up together too.  Their spines even spell out the word ‘ORGO’!

If you haven’t started your Orgo Runners adventure yet, you can find all of the books on Amazon.  Here are the links for ‘Legend Of The Orgo’…

U.K. Legend Of The Orgo

U.S.A. Legend Of The Orgo

I hope you enjoy these adventures!  Oh, and I might have a cheeky ‘Orgo Runners’ surprise coming over the summer.  Watch this space!

Much Love,


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