Orgo Runners Advent

Do you want a FREE Kindle copy of the first ‘Orgo Runners’ book?

Perhaps, you fancy an exclusive print-out-and-keep ‘Orgo Runners’ poster?

You might even want 24 FREE print-out-and-keep ‘Orgo Runners’ gifts this December. You’ll get one each day between the 1st and 24th December 2018.  I’m thinking of puzzles, activities, posters and more!

Well, if you want these things, you can have them! ALL of them!

All you have to do is sign up for ‘Orgo Runners News’. Did I mention signing up is FREE too?

You can sign up, here…

Sign Up For Orgo Runners News

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Discover the orgo in these gripping, action-packed stories packed full of adventure and fantastic creatures

Perfect for children aged 6 – 10, but equally loved by grownups 

In a future ice-age…

When Fayth’s friend is caught stealing to survive, she has an awful choice to make…
Let her friend face a fate worse than death with his captors, or agree to make a dangerous journey delivering food supplies!
Join Fayth, Ink and Megg as they embark on their first deadly mission with their orgo companions.
Will their skill at riding orgo help the courageous group of friends succeed?

If you love BEAST QUEST & ASTROSAURS, then you will adore ORGO RUNNERS

What Readers Are Saying About ‘Orgo Runners’…

“This is an amazing story. I was gripped!” Edward, age 6

“Awesome!” Noah, age 7

“The book was amazing! It was creative and full of action.” Reuben-Troy, age 10


If you want to know more about the ‘Orgo Runners’ book series, you can find our more using the links below…

Orgo Runners U.S.A.

Orgo Runners U.K.

Don’t forget, if you want to sign up and get ALL the ‘Orgo Runners’ FREEBIES that I mentioned before, just click here.

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