Orgo Runners: Skull Cavern

‘Orgo Runners: Skull Cavern’ is OUT NOW on Kindle & paperback (via Amazon), and on Kobo…

Orgo Runners Skull Cavern Kindle

Discover the orgo in this spooky mini-adventure, packed full of action and fantastic creatures!

This scary story is the perfect ‘Halloween’ addition to your ‘Orgo Runners’ book collection!

Ideal for children aged 6-10, but equally loved by grownups

In a future ice age…
Fayth, Ink and Megg encounter peculiar new creatures and more – on their spookiest adventure yet!
Join the ‘Orgo Runners’ as they make a remarkable discovery on their way to Scorr Tanta…

If you love BEAST QUEST or GOOSEBUMPS, then you will adore ORGO RUNNERS

What Readers Are Saying About ‘Orgo Runners’…

“The Orgo Runners are so cool!” Cammi, age 8
“It’s different every time. Very exciting and I can’t wait for the next book. R.J. writes like a boss!” Will, age 8
“I love the adventure and characters.” Jake, age 6
“Highly recommend and absolutely love this series.” Jasmine, age 13

There are lots more ORGO RUNNERS books in this series.

Grab your copy of ‘Orgo Runners: Skull Cavern’, here…

U.S.A. ‘Orgo Runners: Skull Cavern’ (Amazon)

U.K. ‘Orgo Runners: Skull Cavern’ (Amazon)

‘Orgo Runners: Skull Cavern’ KOBO

Happy Reading.

Much Love,



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