“dissent” Saga

“Settle in for daring leads, vicious enemies, and an immersive world. Intriguing twists unfold a well-paced tale of survival and the age-old question, who can you trust?” Emily R. King – Author of The Hundredth Queen Series.

“Dissent Renegades was an exciting adventure filled with imaginative creatures, breathtaking settings, nail-biting action, and unforgettable experiences! I can’t wait to see where the next adventure takes these characters! And thank goodness for a good story that involves STRONG female protagonists!” April, The Vagaries Of Us.

“Morrigan (a dissent story) was just what every Dissentian needs in their life. It was emotional, beautiful and provided such a wonderful backstory. I was so hooked I read it in one sitting because I was curious as to what would happen next.” Meggan, Between The Pages.

dissent RENEGADES 2nd Edition Kindle

What would you sacrifice to protect your secret identity?

The Great Freeze changed everything…

Centuries after an ice age that wiped out most of the human species, only three colonies are known to exist. Four years ago, the people of Scorr Tanta formed an alliance with those in Port Harmony. But not everyone agrees with ‘The Union’, and a group known as the ‘RENEGADES’ has started their own rebellious crusade.

As an apprentice orgo-keeper, Ellie’s only highlight is getting to ride the incredible animals that she cares for. But then, a chance skirmish at the market draws her closer to Haylee and her friends, and everything begins to change. Desperate to join them, Ellie has heard many tales about Haylee and her group of renowned warriors. What she doesn’t know, is how much danger follows them. Ellie is soon tugged into a much different world than she had first assumed…

A world built on dissent, and filled with secrets. A world that forces Ellie to decide where her true loyalties lie!


Morrigan Kindle NEW

R.J. Furness brings you the first “dissent” short; the story of Morrigan. Ideal for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent!

When her family is torn apart, Morrigan loses everything…
Driven away from their home in Scorr Tanta, Morrigan’s family help to build the new harbour town of Port Harmony. As a child Morrigan is raised there, but eleven years later whilst she is just fourteen, disaster strikes and forces her into a new life. It’s a life filled with excitement and danger, and only skill and determination will help keep Morrigan alive.
Immerse yourself further, into R.J. Furness’ world of “dissent”. Open your imagination and get to know new characters and fantastic beasts.

*Morrigan is a companion story and not part of the main “dissent” saga.*

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