“Orgo Runners”

Discover the orgo in these gripping, action-packed stories packed full of adventure and fantastic creatures

Perfect for children aged 6 – 10

Do you LOVE a gripping story, packed FULL of adventure?

How about exciting stories with friendship and loyalty?

Are you curious about new creatures that you’ve never discovered before?

Then Orgo Runners is for YOU!

“Seriously, I adored Orgo Runners. It’s got everything you could possibly want. Friendship, trouble and, of course, the adorable Orgo. I’m going to say it, R.J. Furness is an incredibly underrated author.” Nicola – Fantastic Book Dragon.

“Personally, I think it’s lovely to see a middle grade series where the protagonist trio is two girls and a boy, rather than the established Harry Potter-esque trio two boys and a girl.  The world-building in this series is awesome, and really unusual.  It’s kind of like Ice Road Truckers, but more fun!” Asha – A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea..

or the first run kindle
In a future ice-age…

When Fayth’s friend is caught stealing to survive, she has an awful choice to make…
Let her friend face a fate worse than death with his captors, or agree to make a dangerous journey delivering food supplies!
Join Fayth, Ink and Megg as they embark on their first deadly mission with their orgo companions.

Will their skill at riding orgo help the courageous group of friends succeed?

or glider attack kindle

Join Fayth, Ink and Megg, along with their orgo, on another mission to deliver food supplies to Scorr Tanta. Along the way, they are ambushed by a mob of greedy gliders from Eklips territory. Will they manage to overcome this latest crisis? Will the supplies reach the people of Scorr Tanta on time?

or seacrawler kindle

When an enormous seacrawler gets stranded in Port Harmony’s harbour, Fayth and her friends want to save it! Refusing to go to work, until the seacrawler is safe, Fayth manages to get herself into a heap of trouble with the wardens.

Is Fayth pushing her luck too far this time? Is time running out for the ‘Orgo Runners’? Will they be punished for refusing to take food to Scorr Tanta on time?

or legend kindle


Find the answers you’ve been looking for…

When Ink’s orgo becomes ill, he asks Cedric to help her get better. But, during their visit to Cedric’s barn, Ink and Megg get more than they bargained for. Through Cedric’s stories, Ink and Megg learn about how the orgo evolved, and it isn’t what either of them expected! Join the Orgo Runners, as they find out all about Tobus, Calli and the Legend Of The Orgo.

Where did the orgo come from?

How did they evolve?

What is the reason for their extremely long necks?

Why did they get so fast?

Expect the unexpected in this ‘Orgo Runners’ story!

Orgo Runners The First Collection Kindle ALT 2

Prepare to be thrilled! Follow Fayth and her friends, along with their ORGO companions, as they set off on their first FOUR perilous missions



Be there when a group of angry whomphorn escape Eklips Territory. What will happen next?

or skull cavern kindle


Discover the orgo in this spooky mini-adventure, packed full of action and fantastic creatures

This scary story is the perfect ‘Halloween’ addition to your ‘Orgo Runners’ book collection!

Fayth, Ink and Megg encounter peculiar new creatures and more – on their spookiest adventure yet!
Join the ‘Orgo Runners’ as they make a remarkable discovery on their way to Scorr Tanta…

“Orgo Runners” REVIEWS:

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Orgo Runners: The First Collection (Books 1-4) by A Cat, A Book, and A Cup of Tea

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