That Amazing Feeling…

I love it so much when I appear on other people’s blogs. So much, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites so far…

Most recently, I was mentioned on The Introverted Book Nerd. The post was ‘Author Appreciation’, and I loved it that much, it brought me to tears. Danielle has always been so lovely and supportive, and it was such an awesome feeling reading this post.

You can read that one here.

Another post that really touched me, was Between The Pages’ ‘Top Ten Underrated Authors!’ Being included in that one was such an honour. Again, Meggan has always been incredibly supportive, and to receive such a compliment is just beautiful. I was so overwhelmed and flattered.

Find it here.

Lastly (for today), I was given the chance to do a guest post for My Little Library In The Attic in February. I loved writing it so much, and the theme was brilliant. Jo is an amazing blogger, and always great to chat to. I was in awe of her Feminist February theme, and every post was genius.

Check out my Feminist February post here.

Book Bloggers are such great people, and I’ve met some amazing friends in the community. I will be writing another post soon about some of my experiences, and it will feature more about the wonderful bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Watch this space.

Until then, take care.

Much Love,


World Book Day 2018

Today we are celebrating World Book Day, but many of you will also be struggling with the snow!

For those of you who are having a challenging time with the weather, please do be safe.

Across the world, people are celebrating their favourite books and we are no different. Firstly, our twin boys went to school dressed as Ink from ‘Orgo Runners’. An obvious choice I’ll admit. Here they are in photos; Ian is on the right and Lewis on the left.

‘Orgo Runners: The First Run’ & ‘dissent RENEGADES’ are both FREE TODAY on Kindle too! Grab your copies here…

U.K. FREE ‘dissent’ Books

U.S.A. FREE ‘dissent’ Books

Also, my daughter Olivia has entered a ‘Book In A Box’ competition at High School. Needless to say, she also chose to work around her dad’s books. I’m not forcing them…honest!

Olivia took in two boxes. One is for the ‘dissent’ books (top two photos), and the other for ‘Orgo Runners’ (bottom two photos).

That’s all for now. If you’re celebrating World Book Day 2018, I hope you have an incredible day.

And again, if you’re having an awful time with the weather, please do take care of yourselves.

Much Love. 🤗

Orgo In The Snow

Hi everyone,

I’ve always fancied trying a bit of wildlife photography. What I love most, is seeing pictures of animals in their natural habitat. As such, this morning, I thought I’d give it a go.

Here are two orgo in their natural surroundings…

The orgo featured are Bug and Floe from the “Orgo Runners” books. I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed seeing them in the wild! 😊

If you want to check out any of the “dissent” or “Orgo Runners” books, just click the links below. 👇

🇺🇸U.S.A. Orgo Runners🇺🇸

🇬🇧U.K. Orgo Runners🇬🇧

As always…

Happy reading, and enjoy the photos.


Hey everyone,

When I first received paperback copies of “dissent RENEGADES”, it was a magical moment. I can’t easily describe the feelings that I had, holding the first book that I’d published in my own hands. In fact, I’m not even going to attempt to describe how it felt. Trust me; it was incredible!

I thought that perhaps it would be different the second time around. But honestly, when copies of “Morrigan” arrived, the same thing happened. I was spellbound all over again. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that these are feelings that never get old. Likewise, I’ve realised that similar feelings can occur over other formats too. Audiobooks are an excellent example.


Right now, the audiobook of “Morrigan” is in production. It is narrated by Tegan Hufton, and listening to her reading my story back to me is unreal! ❤

I also listened to a fair few narrators before finding Tegan, but for me, she was the one best suited for this project. Her tone and style are so natural, and Tegan is the perfect narrator for the “dissent” saga. As such, we will be producing an audiobook of “dissent RENEGADES” too. I can’t tell you how excited I am!

dissent RENEGADES Audiobook Cover


By the way, Tegan can be found on Facebook and Twitter too.


The “Morrigan” audiobook should be available around mid-March, and “dissent RENEGADES” will come after.  So, now I’m curious.  Tell me…

What are your thoughts on audiobooks?

Authors-Have you used this format for any of your books?

Readers-Do you listen to many audiobooks?

Let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Much Love,


P.S. The “dissent” books are currently available in both paperback and Kindle versions. You can find them here…



Dinosaurs & My Dad

As a child, I never felt like I had much in common with my peers. Don’t get me wrong, I had friends, but often they were huge fans of football, and they loved sports and other outdoor pursuits. Me—I preferred my own company most of the time. I had moments of enjoying social freedom, but that’s all they were—moments. To be fair, they were brief moments too!

Like I’ve said many times before, I preferred to get lost in stories as a child. I still do. Now, it would be obvious to point out the many books that I enjoyed, which is why I prefer to use the term ‘stories’. That is the key to me—because stories can be found everywhere, and not only in books. And great storytelling is something I adore. Let me tell you one of the reasons why…

From memory, the first thing that exploded my imagination as a child was Dinosaurs. WOW!! Nothing particularly out of the ordinary about that either. But as I got older, I seemed to become engaged in activities that many children my age didn’t. Well, they did, but not as much as I did. At primary school, I generally read a lot, or I watched television shows that revolved around imaginary worlds. He-Man comes to mind, and I thought She-Ra was incredible too. Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons, Battle of The Planets and Terrahawks were all favourites. Who remembers ‘The Mysterious Cities of Gold’? I was crazy about imaginary people, monsters and the like. Then as I got older, I enjoyed many movies. As you can imagine, I was quite the Spielberg fanatic, and I’ve already talked about my love for Star Wars here.

All through this, I was also a huge nature lover. Animals of all sorts intrigued me. Again, they still do. Then, in my mid-teens, I started birdwatching. Not the average interest for a high school teenager, but nonetheless I loved it. Many times, I’d sit and watch them in all manner of places. In hindsight, I have come to realise that this wasn’t just about a love for nature either. Watching birds was peaceful, soothing and quiet. Activities like that allowed me to get lost even further inside my imagination too. That was my safe place, and the only person I ever allowed inside it, was my dad. He would take me to bird hides in all manner of places. Yet, it wasn’t even something that had ever appealed to him. In hindsight, my dad did that a lot. He engaged with me over my hobbies, even though none of them particularly interested him. What was important, was that he never stopped me being me.

Whilst my teenage years began to end, I started to pursue other things. Music had become a big part of my life, but that’s a story for another day. My freedom was also becoming a little more important, and I stopped going on family trips and holidays. That was, until I hit nineteen. For whatever reason, I decided to go away with my family. I really can’t remember if there was a conscious reason for it. Either way I did. There isn’t much I remember about it either—we went to Cornwall like we always did. Overall, it was no different to many of the other holidays we had enjoyed together. Yet, there is one thing that will be with me forever…

Jurassic Park!!!!

One evening whilst we were on holiday, my dad asked if I wanted to go and see it. All the people in the hotel were talking about it, and it had spiked his interest. When we went, I was blown away for so many reasons. It was a Spielberg movie for a start, and for me, he had brought dinosaurs to life. Dinosaurs!! The movie was packed full of action, but it felt so real too. The sound of a T-Rex will never get old. Although, there was something else that fed my imagination even more. An egg! That egg! And out of it—came a baby velociraptor. I can’t tell you how that moment felt for me, but I was spellbound to say the least. All this—and of course, it was a book first.


When we came away from that movie, it was all we could talk about. Again, my dad was right there with me. Whether he was as fascinated as I was remains to be seen. What matters, is that we shared that moment together. And in that moment, I decided once and for all, that one day, I would write my own stories.

Sadly, only a couple of weeks later, my dad passed away. Even now, almost twenty-five years later, it hurts more than I can ever explain. But he left me with such special memories. Jurassic Park was the last thing we did together—just the two of us. He was there with me, in that moment, whilst my imagination was brimming over. For that, I will always be so grateful—and for that, I will always have a huge place in my heart for Jurassic Park.

Orgo Runners:The First Run – Cover Reveal

Hey everyone,

I am delighted to announce that the first ‘Orgo Runners’ book will be released on the 15th February 2018!  In fact, the first review is in already…

Edward says, “This is an amazing story, I was gripped.  The only problem was that it ended.”

And Edward’s mum says, “After finishing it, we had to read it all over again.  He loved the illustrations too.”

The cover, which has been beautifully illustrated by Amy Leslie, can be seen below.  You can find more of Amy’s work here…

Amy Leslie Artwork

Orgo Runners The First Run

‘Orgo Runners – The First Run’ is also now available for pre-order, for your Kindles.  Find the links here…

U.K. Orgo Runners

U.S.A. Orgo Runners

That’s it for now!

Happy Reading.  Much Love.


Exciting Opportunity For Children Who Love A Great Adventure Story!

Hey everyone,

If you know a child who loves to read, be read to, or they like great adventure stories, then please, please read on. I have an exciting opportunity for them!

I am looking for 6 children, between the age of 6 and 10, who would like to win the chance to review the first Orgo-Runners book. Then, they would have one or two sentences of their review published inside it. Printed inside the book will be their name (either be in full, or just a first name), their age and their comment. As an example, this would look something like…

‘This book is awesome! Joe, Age 8, Narnia.’

If you know a child who would like this opportunity, please visit my facebook post here, and follow the instructions…

Click Here!

Good Luck 😊

Also, if you want to keep up to date with all the news and information relating to “Orgo-Runners”, then simply sign up here…

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All of the available “dissent” books can be found here…

dissent UK

dissent USA

Have a great day! Much love.